Receipt for payment of membership fees
Receipts for payment of ROKIRS membership fees (100 rubles each for the years from 2011 to 2013, 600 rubles each for the years 2014-2015, then - 1000 rubles each for the year):
The receipt can be paid through any branch of the bank of the Russian Federation.
The receipt must be printed, indicate on it the full name of the ROKIRS member, the date of payment and sign (you can sign and put the date directly when contacting Sberbank)

When paying membership fees on behalf of a ROKIRS member, it is necessary to indicate the full name of the ROKIRS member (in the line "full name of the payer")
Donation agreement for the maintenance and conduct of statutory activities and a receipt for donation payment
Donation agreement RUCTRIMS (sample)
RUCTRIMS donation receipt (sample)
Application for membership in RUCTRIMS
Application for admission to RUCTRIMS membership
Consent to the processing of personal data
In the upper part (header) of the consent, it is necessary to enter by hand or type (in this case it does not matter) all the necessary data of the person who gives the consent. The lower part must be filled in by hand.
Note: date (consent line second from bottom). It must correspond to admission to the organization, respectively, for persons who joined the organization upon creation, the date of consent must be the same as the date of the protocol on the creation of the organization / corresponding regional branch. And for persons who joined the organization later, the date of consent should be the same as the date of the application for entry (that is, a little earlier than the date of the minutes of the meeting of the executive committee on admission to the organization);
Legal details
All-Russian public organization

Short name:

Legal address:
119421, Moscow, Leninsky ave., 105, building 4, apartment 200

TIN 7703479407
Gearbox 772801001
PSRN 1117799025101

General Director Lozovskaya Irina Simonovna

Settlement account in Russian rubles: 40703810500010000626
In the "Corporate" branch of PJSC "Sovcombank"
Corr. account 30101810445250000360
BIC 044525360


119421, building 105/4, Leninskyi ave., Moscow, Russia